This page provides examples of past work, mainly in non-technical areas.

Digital marketing

For SmartBlogger, leading international blog on digital marketing:

The 21 Best Content Marketing Tools in 2020

Technical copywriting

Ghosted article for the blog of leading DevOps service provider discussing the hosting options for Jenkins:

Hosted Jenkins or Self-Hosted: The Key Issues to Consider in 2020

Travel and leisure writing

For example, an Ultimate Guide to Senior Travel Adventure (oh what seemed possible in January 2020!), which includes images with captions optimised for different social media.

Also an article on Visiting Dorset, as well as pets, amongst many others.

Medical writing

Writing and editing content for HCP and patient websites, as well as email marketing, newsletters, eDetails etc.

For example, this extract for an HCP website, written from the brief by the pharma client subject matter experts.

And creating supportive, engaging content for patient websites, such as ‘Life with Pulmonary Fibrosis’.

Life with Pulmonary Fibrosis web content

Case studies and internal communications

I have extensive experience in writing case studies for internal and external communications, in multiple formats. Below are examples from ppt case studies of digital marketing practice:

examples of case studies

Program communications

Internal communications to introduce and embed change. Past work includes communications for all stages of the adoption curve from attention and awareness to adoption and engagement.

The examples below relate to the introduction phase of a new IT system within a distributed organisation.

examples of program communications


A feature article on literary locations for Pride of Britain hotels magazine.

and consumer advertising for an independent brewery.

Click the following link for examples of technical writing.

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