Let’s play Twister, let’s play Risk…


It was 40 years ago today … I remember the excitement and the grainy black and white ‘ultrasound’ from another planet as Armstrong emerged from the lunar module. Buzz Aldrin took this photo (above) of his own footprint. And unlike a footprint in the dust and sand on Earth, with no wind to blow them away, the first human prints on the moon can last for a million years.

Just months earlier:

Earthrise, the first picture of the earth, taken by the Apollo 8 crew from the far side of moon, December 24 1968

“Tiefer, tiefer, irgendwo in der Tiefe gibt es ein Licht”

(remember Hounds of Love (?) Hello Earth – “deeper, deeper, somewhere in the depth there is a light.”)

Possibly bizarrely, what comes to my mind as a feat of similar beauty and daring is Philippe Petit’s walk between the twin towers. This, a footprint in air, and as evanescent – but unforgettable as a perfect gesture, and in the extraordinary series of images of the event.

Moonlight slanting by Matsuo Basho
Moonlight slanting
Through the bamboo grove;
A cuckoo crying.