About Me

In the right hands, words have the power to grab our attention, to enthral us, to convince us…

As a content marketer I love that I get the opportunity to help people through the use of words – to help readers solve their problems, and help clients build trust in their brand.

And I enjoy being able to invest in my own development as a writer, so that I can continue to deliver copy, and content strategies, that get results for my clients.

Conversational copywriter

Today, people are looking to be engaged with open, honest and transparent communications from the companies they buy from. No one wants to be sold AT in a loud and pushy voice.

Rather than broadcasting sales messages at the audience, my focus is on crafting copy that sells through a natural enthusiasm in its message and delivery.

My aim is to write simply and clearly, adding value to readers’ lives, even as we sell to them.

Working together

I work closely with clients to provide a flexible service to meet your needs.

Working with colleagues, I can provide a full marketing and design service with skilled graphic designers and web developers. Equally, I often provide writing and content marketing input as part of a client’s existing team.

Broad range of experience

I have written articles on a wide range of topics, for example for The Global Dispatches expert commentary website and for Pride of Britain hotel group magazine, as well as ghosting many trade magazine articles.

With excellent research skills I welcome the challenge of writing on any subject.

I have also written two non-fiction books: an eBook – Walking with Mrs Dalloway and, with a co-author, London – City of Words.

On a personal note, I recently made a short video as part of a LinkedIn marketing challenge:

I am based in Dorset, UK. When not helping businesses land more customers with strategic content, I can often be found reading, walking the dog, or swimming.