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Aubrey Herbert

The Aubrey Herbert book launch at Portcullis House, with Kate (far right) “looking Albanian.”

Aubrey Herbert was one of a kind, and described by John Buchan (who based the character Sandy Arbuthnot in Greenmantle on Herbert) as

The most extraordinary combination of tenderness and gentleness, with the most insane gallantry that I have ever known – a sort of survivor from crusading times.

Very good to see the book – Albania’s Greatest Friend: Aubrey Herbert and the Making of Modern Albania: Diaries and Papers 1904-1923 – finally in print and available, overseen, as ever, by my good and indefatigable friend Bejtullah, prime mover at the Centre for Albanian Studies.

Published by I B Tauris and The Centre for Albanian Studies. Editors Jason Tomes and Bejtullah Destani. Book design by westrowc

[Photo by Jeni, for which many thanks]

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6 replies on “Aubrey Herbert”

Just got the book in USA through England. Keep up the good work to all the Albanians and the Brits working to forge again our ties as people. It is of paramount importance that we Albanians gather back the support of the British People. What Communism did was horrible, but we shall rediscover this flame, and keep the torch as high as possible. The Brits and the Americans have and will be our not only best allies, but NATURAL ones.

I have read this book. It makes me feel proud of Albanians. Aubrey Herbert was a gentleman who this world would not be a good place to live if people like him do not exist. I am trying to educate people in Albania about him. This book has made cry very often. His heart was in Albania and with Albanians in those difficult times when the very existence of Albania was at risk.
I wish I knew about him before this book was published.

Hi nmehella
Thanks for getting in contact, and so glad you enjoyed the book. You might also enjoy ‘Edward Lear in Albania’, the journals of this renowned English writer and illustrator as he traveled in Albania in 1848/9. Also, ‘The Birth of Albania’ by Nicola Guy, and a book just being published this November – A Biographical Dictionary of Albanian History, by Robert Elsie. All from The Centre for Albanian Studies and I B Tauris.

All the best

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