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A C Grayling is amusing and sharp, as a writer and philosopher. His ‘This much I know’ in the Observer last Sunday was witty and thought-provoking. Here are a couple of the best:

A human lifespan is less than a thousand months long. You need to make some time to think how to live it.

I recently retraced on foot a famous journey that William Hazlitt made from Shropshire to Somerset to visit Wordsworth and Coleridge. I spent two weeks slogging through nettle beds before I realised the bastard had taken the coach.

Life is all about relationships. By all means sit cross-legged on top of a mountain occasionally. But don’t do it for very long.

OK, three. Read more here.

By westrow

Westrow is an SEO content marketing writer. When he’s not helping businesses land more customers with strategic content, he can often be found reading, walking the dog, or swimming.

5 replies on “Philosophy”

At last we move beyond the cod! (literally and figuratively) AC Grayling has a disturbing look of Michael Heseltine, must be the hair. Off to look at a tree now.

Yes, and both fond of trees. He also looks very like Gerry Ryan, though that should probably be the other way round.

I was rather fond of the cod piece, but you’re right, go to keep things moving!

Perhaps Greta has more appeal for you!! I approve of the sentiments expressed though. She was on TV the other day about growing old gracefully but I can’t help thinking that photo might have been subject to a little airbrushing. She’s the same age as me for goodness sake so if she really looks like that I’m a bit depressed!!!

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