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Love in the Dark Country

I was just checking something for a new project and came across this wonderful poem on Clive James’s website.

It’s by Kapka Kassabova, a poet I have never read before, but this poem is so beautiful I am immediately writing this because you absolutely, positively must read it. WITHOUT DELAY.

Born in Bulgaria in 1973 and domiciled in Auckland, Kapka Kassabova (I read) is now based in Edinburgh, when not roaming the world. Her main collection of poetry is Someone Else’s Life, published in Britain by Bloodaxe and in New Zealand by the Auckland University Press. 

Now … read the poem!

By westrow

Westrow is an SEO content marketing writer. When he’s not helping businesses land more customers with strategic content, he can often be found reading, walking the dog, or swimming.

2 replies on “Love in the Dark Country”

Thanks, West. That was truly lovely, I’m glad you shared it with us. It left me with that still quality, like hanging in the air, which I usually associate with haiku. I loved it.

Hi Helena

Very glad you liked it, and I think you’re absolutely right. It’s like the perfect moment after a great piece of music, just before the thunderous applause.

Many thanks for leaving your response.

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